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Teddy Atlas shared his impressions about the trip to Russia: “everywhere I saw and felt poverty”

Famous American trainer Teddy Atlas, who previously coached former champion in the heavyweight Alexander Povetkin told about his impressions, he established after the first trip to Russia.

Recall that Atlas trained Povetkin from 2008 to 2011.

“In 2008 I came to Russia, helped Alexander Povetkin. First impressions after a few days there, want to go back home. We lived not in Moscow, and a couple of hours away from her, in the small town of Chekhov. It was named in honor of the famous writer,” said Atlas.

“I have everywhere seen and felt poverty. From the car window when we moved from place to place, the faces of the locals… talked to me there just the same rich guys that everyone there was running, keeping the key business. Povetkin’s Manager was one of the associates of these guys. I don’t know exactly what happened in Russia, but I heard that after the collapse of the Soviet Union there was chaos, and a group of people took control of all the wealth of the country, as well as important areas of business.

There is a strong inequality, there is no middle. And these guys with money, there comes some bad energy. While common people live in desperate poverty. I saw how ordinary people were sold on street corners are vegetables or something. Also I was surprised by how much there is a vast and empty spaces of the earth. And they all some abandoned, catching up depression.

I was greeted warmly, the attitude was good. But the impressions that I have left from that trip is depressed. All these guys with business and government, they’re all concentrated just around yourself. The person who we took, it’s just there’s a lot of owned. He lived in a huge house, around a high fence. All the cars he somehow was black: a black range Rover, black Mercedes… All of it is guarded by huge dogs and armed men”.