Tereschenko did not hold the lead. Ended European season series Le Mans

Portuguese circuit Algarve is one of the youngest slopes in the automotive world – has become the venue of the last race of the European season of the series Le Mans (ELMS). Crews Panis Barthez Competition, here are the Russians took the 7-8-th place.


The last race is always a special drama. Because the pilots can take a chance to fix their position in the overall standings. And the team also may decide to unexpected solutions. So the fans are always entitled to something bright and uncompromising.

Race track length 4.7 km – the top technical ideas, it’s not just the ribbon of the road, but also luxurious hotels, 5 stars, technology Park, sports complex. It was built in just seven months. Does not happen, you say? Now you really will be surprised: certificate of conformity of the track has already received two days after the end of construction. Those who know how to work the international automobile Association (FIA), will find that it is magic. But then there was 11 years ago exactly. While not without some corruption, if you have time to think.


Special feeling before the race experienced Portuguese pilot United Autosports Filipe Albuquerque. Still to win in front of local audiences on the home track – well worth it. Especially in his ORECA 07-Gibson (No. 22), he became the first at the start at the last stage in the Belgian Spa. The audience were pleased in the qualification won.

– I’m a racer. And racers are always in the spotlight. And if I’m still in his native Portugal even more so. I was able to visit my hometown and to show our car from United Autosports. To see it come many people. They told me that I have to reach the finish line first – confessed racer.

But in the main race was won is not it. Won pilot ORECA 07-Gibson at number 28, representing Idec Sport. But second on the podium was able to still climb Albuquerque, so the local audience and considered it a success.


Alas, he could not hold the prizes to the representatives of Panis Barthez Competition. Our Konstantin Tereshchenko at some point even led the race, but failed to stay among the leaders. The result for the two cars of the team (23 and 24), only seventh and eighth places.

The final Protocol of the race LMP2

1. Idec Sport-28
2. United Autosports-22
3. Graff-39
4. United Autisports-32
5. Algarve Pro Racing-25
6. G-Drive Racing 26
7. Panis Barthez Competition-23
8. Panis Barthez Competition-24
9. DragonSpeed-21
10. BHK Motorsport-35
11. Algarve Pro Racing-31
12. High Class Racing-20
13. Idec Sport-27
14. Cool Racing-37

source: “Soviet sport”