The controversial President of the Turrets has described his vision of the conflict with the cyclist Nightingale

The President of the Cycling Federation of Ukraine Oleksandr Bashenko said that the champion of the European Games-2019 Anna Nightingale not be in the team.

“I congratulate Anya and congratulated with the defeat of the city of Lviv and Lviv oblast, which was released Anya as an athlete in the city of Kiev, although she doesn’t live here.

The background of my post was to show the regional structures that have to lose athletes, great athletes, as Anya is a bad thing.

Why is Anna so upset? Because she is a great athlete, she is entitled to this reaction. The person who brings the state gold medal – has a right to such a reaction. But I, as the President of the Federation have the right to their opinion.

She is a member of the team of state. We have a state of 40 million people. Team member should be an example in everything.

Team member has no right to a violent reaction. And I certainly will insist that she was expelled from the national team.

If we have athletes of such level can say anything – sorry, this sport is not needed…

…Why does it hurt and what I don’t understand. Great athletes have the right to an emotional reaction, I forgive her (laughs). But in the team he will not! Or it won’t, or her coach will not. If you are crazy – is responsible for his mental reactions. I think should be in charge of the coach,” said Tower.

“Athletes sign a contract which says that they should behave with dignity, they do not have the right social media to create a scandal. You know? She violated the terms of the contract,” – said the official.

According to him, the decision to exclude a Nightingale he’ll trust the coaches.

“I will do everything possible to insist on the coaching advice, to she was expelled from the national team of Ukraine. But I’ll leave that decision to the coaches. If the coaches as professionals to make a decision… And it should say what action it takes. If she was wrong, no question – it will remain. No, no,” said Tower.

Recall, the Turrets have publicly nasty European Games champion Anna Solovey. The Minister of sport Ihor Zhdanov expressed support for the Nightingale in conflict with the President of the Cycling Federation.