The driver skillfully jumped over the fallen ahead of the motorcycle, like a trampoline

Czech racer Jakub Kornfeil managed to perform an incredible stunt during the Moto3 Grand Prix of France at Le Mans.

On one of the bends of the Italian Aeneas Bastianini not able to cope with the speed that sped up and flew over the boundaries of the track. Motorcycle sportsman came under the wheels of Czech Kornfeil that in a split second reacted and managed to jump the bike.

The press service of the races also appreciated the trick of Kornfeil, calling it the most insane in history.


Sometimes, you just got to SEND IT! 🚀 // @jakubkornfeil84 goes BIG in the craziest save in #Moto3 history! #MotoGP #LeMans #FrenchGP #Save #Crash #Jump #SendIt #Motorsport #Racing

Publication of MotoGP (@motogp) 21 May 2018 12:03 PDT

Note that the Czech rider came to the finish line sixth.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian rider Nikita Kalinin got in a terrible accident in Italy.

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