Formula 1

The Formula 1 calendar: pre-season in 2020 will be 10 Grand Prix

Formula 1 has developed a provisional version of the calendar for the season 2020, which was sent to all teams.

The calendar is preliminary and may still change significantly, according to Autosport.

The season of Formula 1 should begin with two races in Austria, after which a further two races will be held at Silverstone. However, while the Formula 1, and promoters of the British stage have not agreed on financial issues.

20 and 27 September the planned stages in Baku and Sochi for Formula 2. Will there be Formula 1 is not yet known. It can affect also, if the stages in Spain (in Germany) and Belgium will have to move in the fall.

In October and November left the place for a Grand Prix in America and Asia.

The provisional calendar for Formula 1:

4-5 July — Austria,
11-12 July — Austria,
25-26 July — UK,
August 1-2 — UK,
8-9 August — Germany or Spain
22-23 August — Hungary,
29-30 August — Belgium,
5-6 September — Italy,
December 5-6 — Bahrain
12-13 December — UAE.