The fourth season of Russian Endurance Challenge at the circuit Moscow raceway

July 7, the Moscow Raceway track will bring in a 4-hour marathon racers ready to test the endurance of themselves and their equipment and to show the best of their sporting capability. Endurance racing is especially valuable for its atmosphere of adrenaline and unpredictability. In any weather this concentration of Motorsport is fully immersed in what is happening on the track. The race starts in the evening, and the checkered flag racers will see the light of the headlights.

Russian endurance race is unusual in its format. Only here you can see together on the starting grid and the Car of national class of the Russian championship, and sportpitanie, and powerful supercars like the Mercedes SLS GT3 and the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Not always the power and class of vehicles play a crucial role, the situation on the road can change every minute. The winner of the race will be determined in the absolute classification and separate to be offset in each of the presented classes.

This season in the framework of REC will also be holding the championship of Moscow in the class of “sport prototype CN”.

Russian Endurance Challenge will be held the same day as the anniversary Race of stars “za rulem”. Many pilots, stars of the Russian motor racing, this day will take part in two competitions. So fans will be treated to a real feast of speed.

Race REC special is the fact that they involve not only professionals with a background in prizes in prestigious international endurance racing, but fans. Among the participants at different times were: two-time ETCC champion Nikolay Karamyshev, the founder of the route Moscow Raceway Rustem Teregulov, the architect of Formula1 racing tracks Herman Tilke, three-time European champion in rally cross Timur timerzyanov, the master of sports of international class

and the winner of the trophy in the European series long race – Alexei Vasiliev.

In the first stage, the REC will be attended by the winner of the season, Roman Rusinov, which this year achieved its long – held goal- the victory in the legendary Le Mans 24h marathon.

To participate in the marathon of endurance the novel itself constructs its own car Shortcut, which he plans to compete in the REC.

According to Roman: “My idea is to invite your racing engineer David Leach, his teammates on the G-Drive Racing team and team Manager in Russia at the World Cup and offer them to travel to Russian Endurance Challenge on the car, which I collected with his own hands”.

Such an idea was Novel in conjunction with the sports car maker Shortcut, and the driver is going in a few days to assemble the car yourself.

In General, the REC has all prospects to become one of the most spectacular racing events of the season. Under forecasts of organizers expected participation of 24 crews. The exact composition will be known only before the start, but safe to say, catricala waiting for an unpredictable fight.

This season race REC 4-I account. Russian first “long” race was held in October 2015 at the Moscow Raceway circuit. It was attended by 44 pilots on cars of different classes. The winner overall was the domestic sports prototype design and construction – Phoenix FR 0.

This year, the domestic sports prototype Phoenix renewed needs to start in the new version.

In the 2017 season, the podium went to the crew of Boris Abramov and Andrey Agafonov of the team of Capital RT in the Mercedes SLS GT3.

source: “Soviet sport”