Formula 1

“The Grand Prix of Russia” will be the first season with the audience. At least it’s a viable option

In the “Formula-1” is ready to start the season. “The Grand Prix of Russia” in Sochi will take place on the 25-27 September. And could be the first stage with the audience in the stands.


We will remind that the championship was to start on March 13, with Friday’s practice on “Gran-at Australia”. Teams and drivers have already arrived in Melbourne, but the weekend could not. The decision to cancel the races and the suspension of the season (not yet started) adopted literally the day before – on Thursday night. Later it became known about the cancellations and transfers more than nine “Grand Prix”. Three of them certainly will not be held this year – Australia, Monaco and France. The rest remains under question.

However, a month ago, it became clear that endlessly delayed the start of the season will not. The first race will be held in the Austrian Spielberg, on their home track, “Red bull” – Sunday, July 5. Moreover, with high probability there will also be a second week. Recently, the FIA has published a preliminary calendar. Shortly before his own version was submitted to Motorsport, a little frightened of the Russian fans of Motorsport – it has the Russian stage were listed with a mark “only “the Formula-2”. Supposedly, the decision on carrying out of the first stage of the “Formula” will be made separately. But the panic had in an official statement FIA “Grand Prix of Russia” remained without any special marks. And must pass the same date that was originally stated on 25-27 September.

Moreover – this may be the first stage, which will be held with the audience. Summer in Europe the stadium will be empty. But in Sochi, in late September, organizers expect a full house – which has always been here in the past. At least, this was stated by the promoter of “Grand Prix Russia” Alexey Titov:

– I think that our race has all chances to become the first, held with the audience. Although, of course, you need to understand that the situation with the epidemic difficult. And it is too early to say how things will look in four months.


So, what in principle we expect this year? The provisional calendar looks like this (indicated the days of the races):

July 5 – Spielberg (Austria)

July 12 – Spielberg (Austria)

26 July – Silverstone (Britain)

2 August – Silverstone (Britain)

August 9 – Hungaroring (Hungary)

August 23 – Barcelona (Spain)

30 August Spa (Belgium)

6 September – Monza (Italy)

20 September – Baku (Azerbaijan)

September 27 – Sochi (Russia)

October 4 – Shanghai (China)

October 11 – Suzuka (Japan)

October 25 – Austin (USA)

1 Nov – Mexico city (Mexico)

November 8 – Sao Paulo (Brazil)

November 22 – Sakhir (Bahrain)

December 6 – Sakhir (Bahrain)

December 13 – Yas-Marina (Abu-Dhabi)

What do we see? Main points:

1) total calendar – 18 stages. This is four less than the original 22 races, but the difference is insignificant. The idea is that we are waiting for a full-bodied, intense and long season. Although many doubt that FIA will be able to carry out all the planned races.

2) in addition to the Australia, Monaco and France in a calendar there are stages in Canada, Singapore and the Netherlands. In the first two cases having difficulty with the training tracks. And the organizers of the “Grand Prix of Holland” not happy with the idea that a pompous return phase in the calendar, “Formula-1” – the first since 1985 – will have to take place without spectators.

3) the final weekend, scheduled in Abu Dhabi, postponed for two weeks – from November 29 to December 13. That is, de facto, the season will last a little longer than originally planned. What is fundamentally important in terms of the teams and preparation for the new season, to move which is not planned yet.

4) in the championship will not be extended for more than two weeks between races. On the other hand, paired the weekends (two in one week) too little. The organizers wisely decided that your summer vacation teams and pilots are fully done now. So that the stamina should be enough for such a schedule.

5) three of the circuit will take two “Grand Prix” with a week break – “Red bull Ring”, “Silverstone” and “sahir”. Such a “Formula-1” did not happen…. In General, never. In this case specifically stated that the names of the stages in this case to be determined. That is, not the fact that we are waiting for the two “Austrian Grand Prix” and two “Grand Prix of Bahrain.” It is possible that any of them will replace the conventional “European Grand Prix” or “Grand Prix of the Middle East”. View.

However, the last paragraph there are a number of important points.


The first and most pressing at the moment – it’s unclear, will there be at least one of the British “Grand Prix” of the two scheduled. Making a calendar of the FIA are guided by the fact that the UK authorities specifically for the “Formula 1” made an exception to the rule about the mandatory 14-day quarantine for all foreigners staying in the country. However, later it was withdrawn. And in the current situation of the teams, drivers and other personnel necessary to conduct the weekend, just can’t prepare for the races. However, the fallback position is – the willingness to replace the “Silverstone” has already expressed… the German “Hockenheimring”. This despite the fact that initially the “Grand Prix of Germany” was not listed in the calendar of the championship. However, the Germans are determined to place the “Formula-1”. And in the same format of a double weekend. Currently, the FIA is examining this issue. And it is because of him the publication of the final version of the European part of the season postponed until June (though was out the other day).

As for the racing in Bahrain, the first one – November 22 – also is open to question. Originally, this day will be the first ever “Grand Prix of Vietnam” (he should have been held in early April, was postponed, but not cancelled). However, it is still not clear, you will have time in Hanoi to prepare for the debut because of all the restrictions and pauses associated with the pandemic Covid-19. And it is also unclear whether in Bahrain to pull two “Grand Prix” in a row.

So changes to the graph are possible. And what’s more – they will certainly be. But almost safe to say the championship will start in July. And should get interesting.

source: “Soviet sport”