Formula 1

The last race of Wizard. Exactly 26 years ago killed Ayrton Senna

May 1, 1994, on the track “Imola” was in a fatal accident three-time champion “Formula 1”, legendary Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna.

In the passport it was written “Ayrton Senna da Silva”, the journalists called him “rain Man”, and the fans just “a Magician.” The son of wealthy parents and a representative of an expensive sport, it was for the Brazilians the same friends and family as a football star, began his career with playgrounds favelas. Senna is not just adored – worshiped him! And black weekend “Grand Prix of San Marino” that claimed the lives of two pilots (and nearly had resulted in the death of a third) is remembered primarily as the last race of the great Ayrton.


Senna was born on 21 March 1960 in são Paulo, the son of a wealthy landowner. The father supported his son’s passion for racing – as early as 4 years of age put him on the card and have never regretted the money on the career of Ayrton. In the 77th Senna won the South American championship in karting. In ‘ 78, went to Europe – first to the British “Formula Ford 1600”. In the 83rd Senna already worked with teams of “Formula 1” participated in the tests, “Williams”, “McLaren”, “Brabham”. But the contract for his debut season received from “Toolman”.

In 1984, on the track at Jacarepagua on the home stage in Brazil Ayrton held its first “Grand Prix”.

The race ended with a gathering on the 8th lap of the car Senna refused motor. However, next weekend is “the Grand Prix of South Africa” – the Brazilian has finished in sixth place, scoring a point. In Monaco he came to the podium, becoming the second – it was there all finally realized the magnitude of his talent! Inexperienced rider on a narrow and treacherous route through the streets of Monte Carlo, looked more confident many skilled pilots, confidently fought for position and lost only Alain Prostu.

Fate will bring them together. This couple – charismatic, impulsive, desperate wizard and a considered, calm, thoughtful Professor for the decade will be the main person of the whole “Formula 1”. And win 7 on two titles!

However, if Simple their first title will draw in the 85-m, Sienna will have to wait until the 88th. Three years after playing for the “Toolman” he will spend in the “Lotus”, before moving to McLaren in ‘ 88. By this time on account of Ayrton already had six wins (the first he won on “Gran-at Portugal”-1985), but was not the superstar status. However, their confrontation with Simple will be the intense competition as partners on the same team in the history “Formulas-1”. Despite the fact that the Frenchman was supposed to be a sort of leader of the team from Woking…


Senna immediately showed that he’s not going to serve the “second room”. He aimed for the title, and will do anything to win! The season 1988 was marked by the dominance of the car, “the McLaren” – Ayrton and Alain won 15 of 16 races in the calendar. Simple scored more points. And Senna scored more wins (8 to 7). Because at that moment in the drivers ‘ championship was only the results of 11 of the best “Grand Prix”, the champion was the Brazilian.

Easy take revenge in 1989. But by the end of that year, Allen will realize that in the “McLaren” is more favored by Sienna. Uncompromising, principled competition will result in clashes on the slopes, constant quarrels and atmosphere if not of hatred or the outright animosity between the two riders. In the end, Allen would prefer to go to Ferrari. And while unsuccessfully trying to save the “Scuderia” (not won the championship since 1979!), Ayrton twice in a row will take the title (in 1990-1991).

In 1991, Simple leaves and Maranello, quarreled with the leadership of the Ferrari, which failed to provide him with a competitive car. The season 1992 (the year of the debut of Schumacher and Mansell’s dominance) he missed, and in 1993, coming back in, “Williams”, will surely win a fourth title and finally end his career.

The world will freeze in anticipation of a new great duel now between the experienced Senna and the young Michael Schumacher.


Before the “Grand Prix of San Marino” in the framework of the races “Formula 1” (not counting tests) died 30 riders. But the latest tragedy occurred 12 years ago in 1982, in Canada, burned alive Italian Ricardo Paletti. Since then, security conscious and many thought that the action taken is sufficient, and more deaths continue to not be.

Alas, it was a mistake.

That weekend in Imola went wrong! To start training in a serious accident of Rubens Barrichello. The young Brazilian, a friend of Ayrton Senna (many believed Robinho his protégé), was seriously injured and was sent to the hospital. Three-time champion was so worried about his compatriot that, contrary to the prohibition of doctors at night I snuck into the hospital, leaping over the fence and visited a friend. Later, Barrichello will set a record of “Formula-1” on the number of races – he will act 326 “Grand Prix” and will hold the list of participants of the championship until 2011! But then, on 29 April 1994, no one was sure that he’d survive. Not to mention the fact that he will continue his career.

On Saturday, April 30, killed Roland Ratzenberger.

The Austrian, in his 33 years spent only the third “Grand Prix”. He desperately raised money to pay for their participation in the world Cup. But, unfortunately, can not cope with the car “Simtek”. On a fast lap at speeds of over 300 km/h the machine Roland came off the front wing (damaged them a little earlier in the attack curb), causing the pilot lost control and crashed into a concrete wall. Death was instantaneous.

Two severe accidents in two days horrified fans, and seriously alarmed by riders. Senna, as a Union leader, Sunday morning, called a meeting of pilots, where it was agreed to establish a working group to strengthen security measures.

After only a few hours it was Ayrton.

These frames saw everything, “Williams” Senna breaks in the high-speed rotation “of Tamburello”, stand on the sidelines and at great speed hits a wall. Arrived to a place rescuers and doctors have noted serious injuries – nose Ayrton oozing blood and brain fluid were severed the temporal artery, the skull is split in the center of the right eye. Formally, the Brazilian was still alive when he was taken to a local hospital. But the tests showed that the brain of a Wizard died. And there is no chance for salvation. The same day he was taken off life support systems. And the world learned that the most famous and popular pilot is no more.

The causes of the tragedy did not really clear until now. The reason for the failure of the trajectory may have been cold rubber for six laps, the pilots were driving behind a safety car (she appeared on the track because of an accident at the start, when in a stalled car Jyrki Yarvilehto was hit by Pedro Lamy). Likely that Ayrton is not fully warming up the tires before began to attack. The style of piloting, involving a constant search for the edge of the possible, could also contribute to pilot error – the line it is easy to move…

The telemetry showed that at the time of departure from the road speed “Williams” was 310 km/h At the moment of collision with the bump – 218 km/h Externally, the car has not received any fatal damage (when compared with other fatal incidents). Ayrton also ruined the front control arm which does not bear the blow, broke and struck the helmet of the rider. For this, many still blame for the death of Senna engineers team and personally to sir Frank Williams, who failed to build enough safe car.

Anyway, Ayrton died. He was 34 years old. He managed to win three world Championships, 41 race and 65 qualifications. He remained in the memory of many as one of the brightest and most talented drivers that ever lived on planet Earth. And considered as such until now – 25 years after death.

source: “Soviet sport”