The records of Russia and the sea of positive emotions. How was the Datsun sports festival in Yaroslavl

Car brand Datsun 6-7 July held in Yaroslavl the all-Russian sports festival and competitions in street athletics “Capital Strength”.

Drizzling rain, cool breeze and other delights of summer in a Midland of Russia has not deterred the main athletes of the country. 6-7 July they gathered in Yaroslavl, which the Datsun brand has announced the “Capital Force” in 2019.

Holiday, bringing together people

Sports festival organized by the company Datsun, was held in the heart of the ancient city – in Soviet square, close to all the iconic sights of Yaroslavl. Thanks to our local athletes for a year, it became the Capital of Power. It is the citizens won the competition and earned the right to take the event at home.

The feeling of some “dvizhuhi” overtook all before the Soviet area. Making his way down the street Kirov (Yaroslavl Arbat street) to the sports venues, met a lot of people in sportswear. All the funny, smart, with a blush on her face from the cool, but comfortable for outdoor athletics the weather. The atmosphere of the charged sports.

The abundance of athletes around and passed on to local residents. Since the morning gathered in the square the crowd of onlookers that observed the competition and participated in activities. On the first day of the event, it became clear that Datsun has fulfilled its task to promote the sport and unite like-minded people.

– The values of our company and people who do street workout – intersect. Athletes try to develop, to make himself strong. The brand Datsun is all very close, – said journalists the Director of marketing of the company Alexey Datsun Apushkin.

Parallel bars, horizontal bar and video-game consoles

The center of attraction for all was the tent under which is located a Playground for outdoor athletics. She was not empty even for a minute. Professionals, showing a few cool tricks, gave way to those who did the workout the first steps. Some citizens do not even seized of the sports form, but still managed to join the street athletics. For pull-UPS or push-UPS do not necessarily run in a sports shop for a suit.

Games console, air hockey, table tennis, free bar with soft drinks – it was all available to the guests of the festival for two days. Interestingly, very young Vercauteren was interesting, not video games! It turned out, they don’t drive off from table tennis and air hockey. The biggest queue was always there.

Dealer area Datsun became a separate activity. Anyone could get acquainted with the car brand and undergo a full test drive.

The kids looked with envy at the professional athletes who gave master classes. But, it seems, the athletes were able to convey to everyone that the workout can be done by anyone. And it’s never too late to start. If someone is embarrassed to come to the bar, the more experienced guys definitely encouraged by the Council. Generally vercoutere very positive guys, no wonder this movement is growing rapidly.

They were actively exchanging experiences, showing each other new tricks and agreed on future meetings. Experienced athletes have not forgotten about the youngest guests of the festival. The children also managed to learn some “chips” of professional Vercauteren.

Record under the sun

The culmination of the festival came on the second day, when it was established two new records of Russia. Hundreds jaroslavtsev have gathered on the square to go down in history as the city where he made the most massive squats. The record was a pleasant, even the sun appeared. Capricious weather has become wondering if it will work in humans to beat all-Russia achievement.

The record was recorded officially, so the preparation was very long: the organizers had set up the people, explained how to squat, and Vice-President of the Federation of street athletics of Russia Mikhail Kitaev were taught the audience the art.

When the leader counted to 15, it became clear that the previous record for mass squats fell. 250 Yaroslavtsev went down in history and received an official letter about the fact that they were Champions.

The historical achievement of Yaroslavets

But that’s not all. Yaroslavl athlete Artem Morozov (including, thanks to him, Yaroslavl became the Capital of Power) came on the asphalt to break the record for pushups in a handstand. Not all participants understood what to do athlete.

This is a vertical push-UPS that are performed in the handstand. The athlete has no right to touch the ground on anything other than hands. “Can’t imagine how hands can stand, not what can be wrung out,” cried one woman. And all 250 people who set the record for mass squats, gathered in a circle to look at whether Morozov beat the national achievement in a particular discipline.

The record for pushups in a handstand – 24 times Guinness world record 51 times. Marketing Director of the company Alexey Datsun Apushkin jokingly urged on Morozov to beat the achievement listed in the Guinness book of records. 37 times – so much crap jarosławiec. And it seemed that I was a bit upset.

It is a good result, but the jitters, the excitement prevented a greater number of repetitions. I am grateful to the audience who kept quiet while I was doing the exercise, told journalists Artem Morozov. – The main difficulty of these pushups is that you’re hard to keep balance, at some point, failing muscles, and the blood rushes to your head. But I’m sure can be improved, – said Morozov.

Rain sports is not a hindrance

Rain on this day in Yaroslavl went. Discouraged if people? In any case. Master classes from the best Russian athletes and competitions of the teams that came to Millennium city from different parts of the country, took place even in cloudy weather. Moreover, the rain lasted very long.

Towards evening on the square even more people came. Not all dared to try their hand on the bar, but for many good entertainment has become a other activity. And tournament on hockey in General became a hit because kids can easily beat their moms and dads.

The Capital Power – Yaroslavl – was a great party. But the best result will be if one of ordinary guests Wake up tomorrow morning and decide to go work out on the bar or on bars which are in almost every yard. This was the purpose of the company Datsun.

source: “Soviet sport”