The results of the tests of Formula 1. The difficulties of Ferrari, Red bull and pink Mercedes

Pre-season tests Formula 1 in Barcelona were the shortest in modern history series – only 6 days. This introduces an additional intrigue, as the teams leaves less time to correct mistakes, but so far, everything goes to the fact that the situation in the championship will not change again. Recall, this is the last year of the current technical regulations (in season 2021 cars will look very different), and Mercedes has all the chances to take the 7th double title.

The season starts on March 15th.

Mercedes is coming up fast, surprising opponents

Most experts and journalists believe that the tests do not show the real balance of forces. You can remember, like a Ferrari a year ago shocked his speed during the preseason. All were convinced that the f-1 change of champion. But the Grand Prix of Australia ended with a brace of Mercedes. Now the German team gave the best time of the tests showed a stable ride and even managed to surprise the competitors with the DAS system.

The engineers decided that the wheel now you can not only turn left and right, but to push forward and pull – just like the controls of the aircraft. This allows you to change the angle of the front toe on the go. If the wheels are wrapped a little to the center of the car, it helps better to enter the turns. And wheels mounted in the normal position, increase stability on the straights. And usually teams are looking for a compromise between these positions. Mercedes is now a compromise is not necessary and you can quickly adjust the desired settings. In addition, changes in the toe angle should help with quick burnout.

Interestingly, the DAS technology is already banned new technical regulations for the season 2021, so this story is just for this year. Liked the view of the pilot Renault Daniel Riccardo, who said that Mercedes dominates 6 years and continues to innovate, while it’s competitors have to do everything to catch up with the champion..

Will it be in 2020? Doubtful. Although the tests were not entirely without problems. In the first part of the problem with the motor was in the car of Valtteri Bottas and the second from Lewis Hamilton. In addition, twice the engine of the Mercedes refused on the car of Williams. Reliability engineering – is that the key controversial issue of the Mercedes.

Red bull behind the Mercedes, but ahead of Ferrari

The management and the pilots of Red bull are extremely pleased with past tests. The team did not show the fastest times and didn’t even use the fastest tires ul, but simulation racing and long stretches, the Bulls showed the pace similar to the Mercedes. Again the team has prepared quite unlike the opponents of the concept of aerodynamics, especially the front of the car. Yet experts note some unstable behavior of the Red bull cars on the track that led to the many departures of max Verstappen and Alex Albon. The pilots claim that everything is fine, and they just test the limits.

Mercedes had over all circles.

It seems that in terms of chassis and aerodynamics, the Bulls can compete with Mercedes. It remains to wait for Australia to find out the readiness of the motor of the Honda to fight for the title.

At Ferrari everything is unclear

Ferrari from 2016 to 2019 was the fastest team in all the preseason tests. But as you know, to win the Mercedes it did not help. Apparently, this year Ferrari has changed the approach to the tests. The manual claims that, overall, the car was good, but it lags behind the Mercedes and Red bull. Lagging a bit, but on all fronts. Rivals and journalists believe that Ferrari deliberately hiding his real pace to surprise in Melbourne.

Sure you can say that Ferrari on the full did not use the power of the motor, because there may not be an Alfa Romeo, using the Italian motor manufacturer on the lines was faster than a Ferrari at 18 km/h. Obviously, some reserve team left, but so did all the competitors. Last season Ferrari was the best on the straights, but much lost in turns, and improving this situation was the main objective. Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClair said that in the corners the car really is better, but direct benefits to the Mercedes anymore. Lost here, gained there – is it worth it?

The team found itself in a very difficult situation. Having the biggest budget (along with Mercedes) and legendary status, the Scuderia has not won titles in 2008. And now there’s the risk of losing not only the Mercedes but also Red Bull, whose budget is smaller. And the tests did not convinced that Ferrari is able to complete the current era cars triumph, despite the expectations of many fans. Level Ferrari at the start of the season is one of the most interesting topics in f-1.

Pink Mercedes

During the presentation of the cars almost the greatest interest was caused by the car team racing point. Even the fans it was obvious that the engineers have prepared a copy of the champion’s car last season, so the car racing point called the “Pink Mercedes”. The user admits that, given fairly modest resources we decided to use the best practices of ei in recent years. Is it legal? Despite the dissatisfaction of other teams, Yes. Because the overall aerodynamic package, front and rear fenders and the rest of the housing team does not buy-side, and creates itself.

Yes, copied, but in the regulations there are no restrictions about this no. And tests showed that the racing point, you’ll be in great shape, this is not surprising because, in fact, have the car that won the title last year. Some even believe that at the start of the championship drivers Sergio Perez and lance Stroll will be able to compete with Ferrari. Anyway, but another question – now the car needs to be developed, and will have to do it yourself, copy no longer one, since Mercedes has a different concept.

And the team recognizes that this is the main goal for the season. You need to understand this car and improve it. At the start of the racing point can indeed be a 4-th power of f-1, but long distance competitors are able to beat the opponent through updates. Let’s see how well the engineers racing point dealt with a championship car, in order to improve it during the season.

Among the middle peasants are all very tightly

Apparently, the racing point at least 2-3 of the first race will be the best among the middle class of Formula-1. But competitors are very close. See main rivals McLaren, who gave a good last season and was 4th in the constructors ‘ championship, and Renault. The French team, despite their resources, can’t go back to the top, but the star of Renault’s Daniel ricciardo celebrates progress and expects to fight for the 4th place of the Cup of designers. For Renault it is important to give a strong season to convince the pilot level ricciardo to extend his contract, which expires at the end of the year.

The 5th place team event marks alpha Tauri. For those who missed it – the new name for the Toro Rosso. Nothing has changed, remained the same pilot structure, but Red bull had rebranding her younger sister, and superficially, he has clearly succeeded. White and blue coloring looks great, but more importantly, what will be the pace in the race. Alpha Tauri were not allocated on tests, and many believe that the team is inferior and point racing, and Renault with McLaren. We’ll see, but last season with two podiums (even random) demands of younger Bulls not to lower the bar.

Somewhere near the pace must be Alfa Romeo and Haas, and Williams will once again lagging behind. However, against the background of the last disastrous season, when the eminent team scored only 1 point, pilot George Russell notes improvements in the car. She’s still the slowest in the championship, but is itself more stable and easier to improve. There is a feeling that Williams, in proper circumstances will be able to score more than one point in the season.