The route is built! Rally-RAID “silk road” – the aircraft will be, motorcycles – no

The organizers presented the rally-marathon “silk way”, which in 2018 will be held July from Xian to Moscow.

The organizers of the rally-marathon “silk way” held the first presentation of the race next year, vowing to make the route even more challenging, scenic and exciting.

Reached the sky

The main reason to gather was the completion of the first phase of reconnaissance – intelligence of the route which will be the eighth edition of one of the most difficult of the rally-marathon on the planet. The route promises to be so intricate that to transport all the participants of the rally-RAID is planned to attract cargo aircraft.

We received the support of the government of China is very great. Every year we work to improve our project, try to meet the participants and supporters – make the route more fun and try to reduce the number of kilometers that participants will take place on the asphalt. Work is very difficult. To connect major cities on the road rally, I think how to optimize our logistics. Currently considering the use of heavy aircraft, which will provide a balanced ratio of kilometers of racing with driving on public roads. It’s real, but very difficult, – explained the Director of the race Vladimir Chagin.

Napoleonic plans, but this unexpected turn with serious force and one negative. Because of the innovations returned the beginning of participation in the Silk road motorcyclists. With such heavy logistics, the organizers are just not physically able to provide air transport and even numerous matakupan with their cars. So motorcycles on the “Silk road” will have to wait at least another year.

Football vs rally

Another big news – the dates of the rally-marathon. The race starts in the ancient capital of China XI’an on July 15 and finishes in Moscow on July 29. The fans, for the most part, anyway, but some journalists at the announcement date worked a conditioned reflex, because July 15 is a day that has been appointed to the final of the world Cup in Moscow. To combine two such large-scale sporting events are not possible – will have to choose.

In the middle of the press conference, someone of those present forgot to turn off the sound on the phone: “the Route is built,” a female voice announced to the entire audience, including Navigator. “It Mardeev has already decided to construct the shortest route from Xian to Moscow,” joked someone from the journalists, hinting not of a racer of the team “KAMAZ-master”. In any case, you should get about ten thousand kilometers.

However, not all the news was good. Hardly in the “Silk road” for the next year will take part the team has won in recent years, competition cars “Peugeot”. The French group has already announced that after “Dakar-2018” turns your project into rally-raids. However, the organizers still hope to see these cars and these riders (of Sarila despres, Sebastian Loeb) next year.

– Yes, we know that Peugeot is going to stop its programme of participation in international rally raids after the “Dakar”. But we are talking about the official factory team. It remains an option that will be sold machine, that simply will go to another team. So while I can not really say how the team or the machine will participate in the “Silk road”. I hope that riders will also be able to participate in the rally-marathon. It is very important from the point of view of entertainment of the race and interest in it, – commented the Advisor to the Director of the rally-marathon “silk way” in sport and international relations French Hatch al.

Now let’s wait for the announcement of more detailed itinerary with cities and countries, but also the gradual replenishment of participants list of star names.

source: “Soviet sport”