The Russians survive the best. Records in the race for survival

Both stages of the Asian series, the Le Mans was successful for the Russians megasperma. In the end, after victories in China and Australia to the Russian team G-Drive Racing has remained, in fact, only one step to the championship title in the Asian series.


In the same way as the first stage in Shanghai (China), now in its second phase, held in Tailem bend (Australia), the Russians took the maximum. Thus, in their Treasury of magical 50 points out of 50. Moreover, the Russians went on another record: this victory was for G-Drive Racing is already 27th in the race for survival, which is the best indicator for teams, competing in the LMP2 category.


But the progress of the race, as the qualifications were not considered a win. Yes, during the training sessions in Australia, the prototype of the Aurus set an absolute record of the track. But the results of the qualification class of Russians, alas, is not confirmed: we had to start only from the third position. The crew of Roman Rusinov, James French and Leonard Hogenboom waged a bitter struggle 4 hours, but the finish managed to get the advantage of 45 seconds.

By mid-race the crew of G-Drive Racing managed to come out on top, but to save it was very difficult.

– Due to heavy tyre wear, the race was very difficult, – admitted after the finish the pilot and the team Manager G-Drive Racing’s Rusinov. But to fly a prototype Aurus on such an interesting track as “bend Motorsport Park”, is a pleasure. Team strategy was chosen is absolutely correct and high-speed managed to maintain throughout the race that helped to win such a clear victory.

It so happened that in many respects the decisive was the last pit stop, which G-Drive Racing left after the main competitors. While opponents looked at the restrictive yellow flags, the prototype successfully refueled and back on track with a comfortable advantage and managed to keep to the finish line.


What’s next? Now for the early registration of the title in the Asian series, the Le Mans was left in a decent performance in mid-February in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). And then the audience last stage in Thailand have to be sad: the final stage will be an exceptional formality.

Australia. LMP2. Asian series Le Mans. 2nd round

Place/Team/Prototype/Total time

1. 26 G-Drive Racing By – Algarve Aurus 01 – 4:05:23.417
2. 36 Eurasia Motorsport – Ligier JS P217 – 4:06:08.303
3. 45 Thunderhead Carlin Racing – Dallara P217 – 4:07:34.191
4. 33 Inter Europol Endurance – Ligier JS P217 – 4:06:30.946
5. 1 Eurasia Motorsport – Ligier JS P217 – (the gathering, the 73rd circle)
6. 34 Inter Europol Endurance – Ligier JS P217– (East – 19th round)

source: “Soviet sport”