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The tendril on the extension of the quarantine in Ukraine: “the Economy will be the fork”

The former absolute world champion in the first heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk believes that the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to extend coronavirus quarantine until April 24 can inflict a painful blow to the economy of the country. He was confident that the athletes will feel the dire consequences of those radical, according to the athlete, Mer.

“The quarantine will have a significant impact on the sport. The economy will be the forks. As far as I know, today (March 25 – ed.) extended the quarantine of some kind. Well, the economy will be the forks. People don’t work, they’ll run out of money, run out of food. There is something incredible.

On the athletes as it will affect? Some greatly, some not. Forgive me, but the state pays athletes a little attention. But when the athletes bring medals in different major competitions, they shout: “look, it’s our! Here, they are great as won!”.

There are caring people who help athletes. In principle, they will continue to help. And we, the athletes, all the contrary. We win and bring medals for their country, not because it helps us, but because it is our task to go to the heights since childhood. This will continue, nothing will change. Maybe will change… I would Very much like to change,” said Oleksandr Usyk, the TV channel NEWSONE.

We will remind, the Tendril also spoke about a possible postponement of the fight with Derek Cooroy the pandemic coronavirus.