Formula 1

“This is for Tony.” Leclere has dedicated first career win for his fallen friend

Race Belgian Grand Prix began with a minute of silence in memory of the deceased on the eve of a young Frenchman Antoine Hubert. And finished first in his career (and for Ferrari this season) victory Monegasque citizen of Charles LeClair.


They were almost the same age Charles was born in 1997, Antoine a year earlier. Was familiar from childhood. Spoke the same language, although performed under different flags (Leclere – monagas, Hubert – French). Raced together in karting and Junior formula series. Friends. Always tried to support each other. Career of Charles were developing faster – in 2018, he made his debut in the “Formula 1”, and this season is already over Ferrari. But Hubert was close to the world Grand Prix – last year he won the title in the GP3 championship, that was one of the best newcomers, “Formula 2” with two wins (Monaco and France) and claiming a place in the top 3 in the overall standings.

Sunday Charles won his home race – the Grand Prix of Belgium. But Hubert, this is not saw. He died the day before, in the terrible accident on the legendary track Spa…

The machine is Antoine’s turn “eau Rouge” (or, in Russian, “Red water”) went off the track, hit the barrier and bounced back onto the track. After which it at full speed (over 300 km/h) crashed into the car of Juan Manuel Correa. Both pilots rushed to the hospital. The American broke both legs, injured spine, was operated on and is now in intensive care. To save Hubert doctors are unable…

Sunday morning Charles posted on Instagram her baby photo where they stand next – just another boy, not knowing what lies ahead… How different was their fate! LeClair won the race, becoming the third youngest driver in the history who achieved such a success (after max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel). And, of course, dedicated his success to the lost French pilot.

We grew up together. In his first race when I was 7 years old, I have already spoken with Tony. What happened is hard to accept. I lost a good friend. Let them, on the one hand, I fulfilled a childhood dream by winning the race “Formula-1”. On the other – I can’t fully enjoy this success. Although it is, of course, will remain in my memory forever. As in it will remain and Hubert – he ckazal Charles.


Itself the race was rich in events. Which were numerous on the first lap, when Kimi Raikkonen nearly knocked into the wall Verstappen – the cars collided, “Alfa Romeo” Finn tossed and “Red bull” the Dutchman came off the wing. In the end on the long straight, he lost control of the car and flew into the wall. Missing in the middle, when Vettel through team tactics, first brought forward LeClair (delaying until the last pit stop of Charles), and then asked to return to the partner position… In the end the German machine quickly “died” tires, and he lost second place was fourth.

Enough and in the end, when on the final lap to break into the points zone Antonio Giovinazzi flew off the track and broke the car, and Lando Norris went down because of motor failure, although it could take as much as fifth place!

We are much more concerned about how we will perform Quat. Which left Toro Rosso, taking instead, “Red bull” Alex Mirel Albon. And how manifest themselves Thai, of course, cared about, too – this depends on the main team “the Bulls” for the next year (where we want to see residents). In the end, both performed great. Despite the start of the end – on the car of Alex and Daniel set a new specification engines from Honda that led to fines for 25 positions for each. So the skill guys are not rested. But chose a different tactic, starting the race on the harder tyres, and then clicking on “software”. And it gave them a solid advantage closer to the finish line, when and Mirel Albon, Kvyat and every lap ahead of the opponent, and then two. In the end, Alex finished fifth. And Daniel is in seventh place. Went out? Well, went Out showed that Red bull has reduced him is not in vain. If not for the gathering of Norris and Giovinazzi, would be left entirely without glasses…

source: “Soviet sport”