To finish the season, to negotiate with the players about wage cuts. The results of the meeting of RPL

After the videoconference, UEFA and the Russian football Union held on 1 April, it is the turn to discuss the pressing problems and clubs of RPL.

On Friday the leading clubs of Russia conducted an online meeting. It looked like this.

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LIVE: AT the present time is the General meeting of RPL clubs, via videoconference, with the participation of Vice-President, General Director of FC “Ahmad” Ahmed aydamirov. Topical issues of today.

Publication of FC “Akhmat” Grozny ⚽ (@akhmatgrozny) APR 3 2020 4:36 PDT

No wonder the meeting of RPL held after conferences parent organizations. The principles which were announced by UEFA and confirmed the RFU will be saved and in the Premier League. First of all we are talking about how to comply with the recommendation to do everything possible in order to finish the season.

Date of resumption of the championship are still unclear, but there are specifics. In the best case, as said in the RFU, the season will return in early summer. June 1 falls on a Monday, and the first weekend June 5-7. The pessimistic scenario implies the return of football only in the 20’s days of July, that is, in those dates, when was the scheduled start of the next season. The truth will be revealed to us later and will be hidden somewhere in this time period.

Also can not rule out early end to the season with its full zeroing. On this, as you might guess, has insisted the clubs from the basement – “Ahmad” (16th place), “wings of the Soviets” (15), Rubin (14), Sochi (12) – and, surprisingly, the average “Ural” (10). As we know, UEFA strongly against this development and has already hinted to the national federations who will not finish the season, remain without Euro cups, as it can only be reached by a sports principle.

Accordingly, the leading clubs of the country, the cancellation of the results is not satisfied. While the majority of them, but what happens if the season will continue in June? In submarines, for example, every day of downtime the proposal to cancel the results more popular.

Voiced at the meeting and offer to finish the season, but none of RPL is not cast. The idea is still raw, so nothing but discussion on this subject was not, but it is difficult to imagine how to implement it. Though, because in the next drawing then RPL will be 18 clubs and 34 rounds, while the championship will start later. Even with the standard timing of the Premier League to squeeze extra matches the task for the HSE. What can we say about the “extra” games in a more rigid time frame?

It is unclear how the calendar will look like the remainder of the championship and Cup of Russia. The meeting discussed several different options, but the final decision is not followed. That is logical, because the exact date of the resumption of the season independent of the football authorities, not even from the state.

Also an important element of discussion was the question of salaries of players. The Russian example of them became Moscow “Spartak”, where the players went to meet Leonid Fedun and agreed to a 40 percent reduction in salaries. The problem is that RPL has no authority to impose a mandatory reduction in players wages, so there is only a recommendation to the clubs to look for players with a compromise.

Forward “Ural” Andrey Panyukov already said that “minus 40% of salary is very painful,”and expressed the hope that such drastic measures will not come. But why would if the clubs, and “Ural” including”, lost all his income? If the players balked, employers will not be able to find a legitimate way to lower their salaries. On the other hand, everyone knows – today you got the whole salary, and tomorrow you do not renew the contract.

All in all, no revolutionary decisions at the meeting of RPL was taken. All of the above was predicted in advance. Much more difficult to decide what to do with the transfer window and players contracts expiring before the end of the championship of Russia. For this purpose, apparently, have come again and again.

source: “Soviet sport”