Turrets: If I got the wrong lead will make the re-election, but I do not see the candidates

The head of the Cycling Federation of Ukraine Oleksandr Bashenko said he was ready for re-election, but he did not see the other candidates except yourself.

He also noted that Anna Solovey may be fined.

“We congratulated Anna and head of the Kiev Federation of fly Agaric, because she is in Kiev. Then I see a post in Facebook under her name, we supposedly incompetent that congratulated Mushroom that the Federation doesn’t help the athletes.

And I about it thought. Perhaps this is not Anna wrote. I haven’t talked. Maybe it was something provocative, and I succumbed to the provocation?

If she received a lead, you’ll get a fine. If I incorrectly took – let’s recall election, candidates I do not see”, – he wrote in his Facebook.

Earlier, Bashenko said that waiting for a written explanation of Nightingale coaches.