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Upset in Brooklyn: Robert Helenius has odoroki Adam kownacki in the fourth round

Just in the arena Barclays Center in Brooklyn ended a great night of Boxing, presented to the fans is that one of the biggest sensations of the year. In the main fight of the event before the undefeated Polish heavyweight Adam kownacki suffered an unexpected defeat against Finn Robert Helenius in the eliminator on the line WBA.

The beginning of the match did not promise favourite no harm: kownacki quietly worked in infayting, interrupting the opponent. Riku was slow on his feet, and the strength of his blows was not enough to keep nimble opponent at a comfortable distance for him.

To keep kownacki, Riku tried to clinch. However, in the second round, the Finn briefly intensified and cut with favorite. Kownacki due to fast hands caused much more strikes, forcing the opponents to increasingly go in a clinch.

In the third round after two blows to the right kownacki clamped Helenius at the ropes, but he couldn’t shake even more. The shocking outcome came in the next round: pole carried away by the attack, Helenius forced again to retreat to the ropes, but missed a short forehand in the chin. Kownacki was on the canvas, but the referee mistakenly opened the account, thinking that the favorite slipped.

Inspired by Riku rushed forward, struck right and added a left hook, then kownacki fell again. Now the referee started to count. Adam rose to his feet, but Riku boldly went on the rebound, forcing the referee to give the go-ahead.

The result of the fight: Robert Helenius defeated Adam kownacki technical knockout in the 4th round

Video fight Robert Helenius – Adam kownacki