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Vettel leaving Ferrari. And, perhaps, of the “Formula 1”

Four-time world champion will leave the “Scuderia” in the end of the year. And it is not yet clear whether they will continue a career in the Royal race.

“Soviet sport” – about the history of Vettel in a Ferrari. Which is so much expected and so ended ingloriously.

Vettel broke into “the Formula-1” as the second Schumacher. And almost entirely repeated the success of another famous German. Like Michael, he made his debut during the season, replacing the team’s driver – in the case of Shumi, it was Bertrand Gasho of “Jordan” who is in jail for a fight with the taxi driver, in the case of SEB – Robert Kubica in the “BMW-Sauber the” caught in a terrible accident in Canada 2007. Bright performance in the first race, then jumps to another “stable”, the first victory already in the second year, consisting of not the best teams (for Toro Rosso and the pole, and the triumph in Italy 2008 from Vettel so far remain the only, and the second podium team brought only Daniil Kvyat in Germany-2019). Another season on the buildup, then – dominance in formula runs, the title and the transition to a Ferrari.

See a lot in common!

But here starts the differences.

Schumacher went into the “Scuderia” only two-time champion and very strong team “Benetton” – in a very weak, even with the name. Ferrari remained a legend, but only on paper – titles in Maranello is not celebrated as much as in 1979 (the last before Schumi it for them won jodie). For the Germans it was a challenge, to cope with which he would have secured a place in history. Michael brought a number of talented engineers and managers who built the organization around himself, taught the dolt-the Italians, the German order and discipline, and the result we all know – five titles in a row, records “Formula 1” wins, podiums, pole positions, etc., etc., Schumacher firmly adopted the title of the best pilot in history. Let Lewis Hamilton is already close to repeating his success, but this is only in terms of statistics. And what about all the rest…

Vettel dominated in the “Red Bula” four years in a row, and Ferrari went… after the Bulls got into a minor crisis, fell out of the fight for the title, and Sebastian himself lost team fight new young partner Daniel Riccardo. In the 2014 season, the Australian was able to win three “Grand Prix”, while SEB was left without a win. In “Scuderia” is much like flight. Supposedly, Vettel was not ready to find the motivation to struggle in the second tier and took advantage of chances to get to the top”stable”, which by that time had a fight with Alonso. Mercedes already was strong and took both the main trophy supply, but no one knew that the hegemony of silver will continue for six years! And here was a chance to quickly become fivefold. And besides, in the “Scuderia”! Of course, Vettel decided to use it. Don’t be so melodramatic – blame it, in General, not for that. But to compare the transition of Sebastian with the transfer of Schumacher in 1996 was just pointless. While fans of “Ferrari” was not going to think about it. Win the German championship he would have received, and love, and glory. And calling.

The problem is that he never won.

Sebastian Vettel


On the one hand, the direct fault of SEB’s not here. Nobody really thought Mercedes would be so dominant as never dreamed before that any “Red Bull” in 2010-2013, no Ferrari in 2000-2004. We’ll never know, you could have another pilot in the cockpit of a scarlet car to achieve more than could Vettel. Rights Mattia Binotto, chief “Scuderia” – anyway, and SEB became part of the history of the Italian team. He won 14 races, becoming the third in the list of the most successful pilots “Ferrari” (after Schumacher and Alonso). It 54 times stood on the podium 12 times started with the “pole position” three times and was in the top 3 at the end of the season, including two times world Vice-champion (2017-2018). It worthy results. And the fact that for all these five years in Maranello were not able to build the best car in the peloton, and the main thing – to solve problems with gaps in the organization, so how is that his fault?

But as in the text remembers the last phrase, and in the career of the racer of the important recent seasons. You can leave nicely, on a high note. But as Vettel – rekleitis, having lost the status of leader of the team, losing the competition to the younger partner. SEB had a real shot at the title in 2018 when he was in the lead up to the summer break. There’s a lot of messed up the team, but really caught my eye, as Vettel was depressed after a series of failures and lost its grip. Parish LeClair is Raikkonen had to spur Sebastian – when to show the qualities of a leader, how not to fight with ambitious and talented young racer! But Vettel, like Alonso in the McLaren in 2007 (when it debuted Hamilton), too much emphasis on trying to attract outside of the track than just racing. No, hysteria, intrigante Spaniard (who passed his team in the famous spy scandal) he will not fall, but the hands really lowered. The end of 2019 – one win, two pole positions, nine podiums and fifth place in the tournament. LeClair won two races, five of qualifications on the podium ten times and was fourth in the championship.

By the end of last year it became clear that the “Scuderia” plan to bet on Charles. And Vettel was not a good plan to keep…

Mattia Binotto and Sebastian Vettel


In December Ferrari has announced about prolongation of the contract with LeClair until 2024 inclusive. According to rumors, the salary of a Monegasque citizen will be 14 million euros per season. The agreement Vettel was completed at the end of 2020 in the fee of 40 million! Of course, negotiations on a new conducted, but according to European sources, the most that could count the German another one-year deal with a significant reduction in money (to the level of those 14 million).

It is not that SEB was not satisfied with this amount. Rather, he realized that talking to him just out of politeness. And that is a real interest in continuing to work with Vettel in Maranello, no one. At least among the leadership.

– No the only reason why we decided to break up, said Mattia Binotto on Tuesday, officially announcing the upcoming departure of SEB. Just both sides realized it would be better for all. Now both the team and Sebastian go their way. But we have much to be grateful and recognize the significance of Vettel to Ferrari – as a pilot and as a person.

Who will replace the German in the “Scuderia” – a separate issue. But where will himself SEB – yet difficult question. Even if he did not Shine recently, anyway, we’re talking about four-time champion! Which is still relatively young (33 years – not a critical age for the rider). And still stronger than most other pilots in the “Formula-1”. Just, obviously, not the best.

There is a nuance. The transition to the top team for SEB almost impossible. If he didn’t want to put up with playing second fiddle at Ferrari, it is unlikely to agree to do it in “Red bull” (which has Verstappen) and Mercedes (where Hamilton). This is not to mention the fact that the leadership of these “stables” itself is unlikely to want to annoy his overly Prim invitation Vettel. And the performance for the middle – obviously not something dreamed Vettel on the decline of his career.

So don’t rule out the possibility that SEB really will leave “the Formula-1”. Or, at least, take a pause. However, he still has this season and that beautiful goodbye – at least with Ferrari. Than racing gods not kidding – suddenly manage to win the title?

“Formula-1” is launched in Austria. The organizers intend to start the season in July

source: “Soviet sport”