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Vettel to Mercedes and Alonso in the Renault. It’s true really?

Leaving Vettel from Ferrari blew the transfer market “Formula-1”. Daniel ricciardo has already signed up with the “McLaren”. But we are waiting for the new “bomb”.

“Soviet sport” on the changes in the teams. As an established and possible.


Actually, we already wrote. As soon as the “Ferrari” announced the breakup with Vettel (Sebastian’s contract ends at the end of the year), a wave of rumors about a possible successor German. But it quickly became clear that they will replace it exactly science. The Italian media is already in the evening of Tuesday wrote about it as about business solved. They say, it remained only to settle the formalities. Not deceived – on Thursday Ferrari confirmed a two-year agreement with Carlos, who will become the new partner of Charles LeClair. The financial aspect has not been disclosed, although, again according to rumors, the son of two-time world rally champion will receive eight to ten million euros per year (monacan – 14).

What will come of this – we’ll see.

Daniel Ricciardo


Time already two days ago it was known that Sainz will leave the Woking, logically, then they go and a new wave of speculation – who will replace him? Candidates, again, was a lot. The press exaggerated the name Fernando Alonso (seriously?) the same Vettel. And authoritative edition F1 Insider said about the agreement with the Germans, how about the case solved. But, in contrast to the situation with Carlos, there was an error. SEB decided not (would not? not suggested?) go to the “McLaren”. Like, the option really was, but in Woking are now preparing to transition to the motors Mercedes, which is scheduled for next year. And over the next three seasons do not count on the battle for the title. For Vettel time is of the essence – he’s soon 33. And the German decided if to stay in the “Formula 1”, the only possibility to fight for victory. Stagnation in the McLaren during the transition period, as it was with Alonso in the era of reunification with the “Honda” Sebastian is not satisfied.

Although, again, again – this is all speculation, gossip, insides.

In fact load the expected option – Sainz will replace Daniel Riccardo. Moreover, McLaren has confirmed an agreement with the Australian for a couple of hours before Ferrari announced the contract with the Spaniard. There was talk that Carlos gave Woking the chance to beat the offer “Scuderia” – the money or even how. But if so, there seem to decided not to especially cling to Carlos. It is possible and right. Riccardo is more experienced, has already shown yourself as the top pilot (Sainz, of course, talented, stable and fast, but with only one podium, and Dan has a lot of wins). He’s in the Prime (Daniel – 30 years). And he can become a leader.

Someone, of course, can laugh at the fact that Riccardo has left Red bull for Renault, making a lot of loud statements about upcoming battle for the title (although they usually came from the boss of the team, not the rider). But now, after a fairly average season, is already running and from the French. But it happens. Successfully to prove themselves for the black and yellow it maybe even this year. Plus they pay pretty well (about 15 million euros per year). In the “Red bull” he still did not Shine – there is obviously still working on max Verstappen. And once the opportunity came to change jobs to a more promising, it is very foolish not to use it. Not Dan’s fault that Renault was in a hurry to move up.

In any case, McLaren haven’t lost anything. As Riccardo. Tandem things can get interesting.

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz


One transition leads to the next. Vettel made a place in “Ferrari”, “science” – in the McLaren, ricciardo – in the Renault. Who will replace Daniel? Here the situation is slightly more complicated. Its obvious protégé of the French, and the insiders are not distinguished by originality. Among the main candidates, until only two well-known names. In Fact, Vettel. And Fernando Alonso.

Moreover, as claims the Italian team, last in priority.

On the one hand, everything is clear. Alonso drove for Renault for six seasons. He won them two titles (the only, in spite of appearances in the “McLaren” and “Ferrari”). He has a good relationship with the team. And if you go back to the “Formula 1”, then why not go where he achieved the most brilliant success?

On the other – Fernando soon 39 years. He has not played in the last year and will not perform in the present. A break of two seasons with the amendment at such a advanced age is a lot. With all due respect to the talent of Alonso (and he is, without a doubt, one of the best pilots in history, regardless of any statistics), time is running out. If not already gone. So it is not entirely clear what benefits a Renault. And what is the benefit of Fernando, who obviously will not have the opportunity to fight for the title in the coming years, and left the “Formula 1” due to the loss of motivation.

However, if Alonso decides how Kimi Raikkonen, just to race for fun, without much ambition, why not? Useless it just will not.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel


As for Vettel, everything is easy and difficult. Of course, the demand for SEB is. Who would refuse the four-time champion? Even the relative failures in “Ferrari” did the average German pilot no, he’s still stronger than most others. But do yourself Vettel to chase the middle? Not for this, he refused a place in the “Scuderia”!

Auto Bild says that the choice of SEB simple – the transition in the Mercedes, or the completion of a career. He transparently hinted to us that are really tired from racing and wants to “just relax with the family at home.” However, if you turn up a variant with a top team and a real claim for the title, Vettel will agree without hesitation. And a chance to transition in the Mercedes is not as hopeless as it seems. Contracts Bottas and Hamilton expire this year. Lewis especially has nowhere to go – he, of course, remain. And here to hold Valtteri much sense. If only for the sake of the British, who appreciates him as co-pilot, not nerve-wracking, and not encroaching on the status of the leader, as Nico Rosberg. However, the German team did not want to pull the best German riders of the last ten years? Well this is what bomb will be! Not to mention the fact that a pair of Hamilton – Vettel will be the biggest in history. Still – ten titles for two… And by 2021-mu with high probability they will be 11.

It is definitely want to see!

So the probability of such development of the plot is. How realistic is it? Well, it’s “Formula 1”. Here can be anything.

Daniil Kvyat


Madness in the transfer market for top stars and the top teams. It is obvious that we can have many transitions. But if they affect Russian racers?

Of course, we were hoping that the chance for a place in Ferrari will have Daniil Kvyat. But to be honest, they were few. On the other hand, the residents contract with the “Red bull” will expire this year. “Bulls” for a long time given to understand that not really count on him – as soon as the chance to take in the “alpha Tauri” is another young protégé (here the first in the list is the Estonian jüri VIPs), with Quatum will say goodbye without much regret. But the credibility of Russian as a fast rider, and Nicolas Todt as his personal Manager left the hope that Daniel will not remain without work. And, quite possibly, will go to the same Renault. Why not?

Another candidate for a place in the French team – Sergey Sirotkin. After spending one season in “the Williams”, lapsed into a coma, Moscow refused to renew the contract with the team. And at the moment he is a reserve pilot, “Reno” and “McLaren”. Sergei, frankly – not mediocre guy with experience, but still young (only 24 years). For him, financial aid, SMP Racing, trophies in the youth series and good connections in the paddock. Maybe it’s not so obvious, but he may actually have the opportunity again to break into the first team in the same Renault. It remains only to get him and his management.

And there is another point. It is difficult to judge how true this is, but rumor has it that Vettel may leave Ferrari early this year. An option to replace the – Antonio Giovinazzi. It sounds forced and silly, but in the current environment anything is possible. If the “Scuderia” will realize that the chances for the title there, which would not sit in the cockpit of motivation Italian instead of German, which is still their future is not linked? So, the vacant place in the “alpha Romeo”. Do you remember who raced in the youth Academy of Ferrari? No, not just Mick Schumacher. But the Russian Robert Shwartzman. Who is considered a far more talented rider than the son of seven-time champion. Than formulary gods not kidding – perhaps, with this (of course unlikely) scenario, the St. Petersburg native will have a chance to debut this year.

And if not, the next season Alfa Romeo would still be a vacancy. Retires Raikkonen. And Giovinazzi can point to the door if again is disappointing. And if Schwartzman is great to drive in GP2, tucked into the waistband of Mick (there is a chance, and high), 100 percent he will get a place in the first “the Formula”.

source: “Soviet sport”