Villas-Boas vs Russian: 5 reasons to follow the “Dakar”

In South America started in the forties of the rally-marathon “Dakar-2018”.

If all Russians, the new year is synonymous with salad “Olivier”, the President’s speech on TV, fireworks, champagne and gifts for lovers of motor sport best Christmas gift – the start of the rally-RAID “Dakar”.

This year was no exception, though the “Dakar” we had to wait until 6 January – an unusually late start. This year the rally-marathon will pass through the territories of the three countries. It will be familiar to us in the last five races, Argentina and Bolivia, and returned to the list of Peru.

The current “Dakar” will be largely special. We found at least five reasons to closely monitor the race, even in a time when Halloween weekend comes to an end and it was time to go to work.

KAMAZ, which will win

Of course, the Russians have a word “Dakar” is associated with a different name – KAMAZ. The Russian automobile plant sends annually to South America a few of their crew, one of which is in most cases in the twenty-first century wins. This Dakar is no exception.

In South America went from four crews of “blue Armada”. Pilots have become familiar to us the winner of the race in 2017 Eduard Nikolaev, Ayrat Mardeev, Anton Shibalov and Dmitry Sotnikov in the car with a new 13-liter inline engine, which in Naberezhnye Chelny managed to cram in a cabover truck.

Of course, we are waiting for the victory of our team. Confidence gives and the fact that this year in the “Dakar” is not involved the only person who won the team “KAMAZ-Master” after the race moved to South America. We are talking about the Dutchman Gerard De Roy, who this year took the decision to go to Africa.

Not the KAMAZ one…

Russian participants in South America this year will be not so much, but they are. Only from Russia to Peru, where I started the race, went seven Russian crews. Four of them we called – the team “KAMAZ-Master”. But not the KAMAZ one alive Motorsport in Russia.

Hopes for victory are also linked to our only member in the classification of ATVs Sergey Karjakin. The standard joke – no it’s not the same Karjakin, who is playing chess, and absolutely another its full namesake. Unlike chess Karjakin, Motorsport became the champion last year he for the first time won the rally-RAID “Dakar”. This year he went to South America to prove that that victory was not accidental.

In addition to Sergey Karjakin in the Quad, the honor of Russia will defend and two road crew – team “Konturterm”. Place behind the wheel of Toyota cars is a father and son, Sergei and Ivan Sichtarova. As in the past year, great achievements representatives from the Kaliningrad Motorsport should not wait, but that doesn’t mean that guys don’t have to be.

Anniversary “Dakar”

Another reason this winter to follow the race in South America – the anniversary of the legendary rally RAID. In 2018 the race “Dakar” turns 40. On this occasion, the organizers could not come up with something special. This year promises the most difficult route in the entire history of South American “Dakar”.

Promises of organizers will begin to run from the first stages when the riders will encounter impassable sand. Then they will meet highland Bolivia, in which not only the human body but also technique begins to falter. Everything will end up a blistering finish in Argentina.

Andre Villas-Boas

This year Russian fans, not only automotive, but also football, will monitor not only the team “KAMAZ-Master”, Sergey Karjakin and father and son Sichtarova. In the “Dakar” debut of the famous Portuguese soccer coach Andre Villas-Boas – the man who not so long ago worked in the St. Petersburg “Zenith”, and then went on to conquer China.

Since then, the Portuguese has coached in Russia, we knew he was breathing unevenly everything to do with speed. He just loves motorcycles. That’s only in South America, he went not with his two-wheeled friend, while on the Toyota, the same as from the Russian participants in the car category.

The fact that pass the Dakar on a motorcycle extremely difficult and without special training length of at least a year it’s almost impossible to do. Here Andre and dissuaded from the idea of coming into the Moto category we. In the first stage, the Portuguese has already surpassed the two more experienced Russian crew. Let’s see what will happen next.

Peugeot all?

Another reason to follow the current “Dakar” is not such joyful, as previous. Rally-RAID 2018 will be the last for the factory team of the French group Peugeot, won the last two races.

France decided to turn an expensive project. This means that the next “Dakar” unlikely to see a rally legend Sebastien Loeb. The new team will have to look for the record number of victories in the “Dakar” Stephane Peterhansel and his partner despres. What to do Carlos Sainz do not know… what We can only enjoy this last chord of the strongest teams in the world.

source: “Soviet sport”