Viñales explained the benefits of speech Lorenzo for Yamaha

Three-time MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo has left the championship only at the end of last year, but even in 2020 will be back behind the wheel of a motorcycle. First, the Spaniard became a test pilot with Yamaha, and then received a wild card for performance on the stage in Barcelona.

The main pilot Yamaha Maverick viñales confident that Lorenzo will bring a lot of benefit, as it will be able to try out new items for the bike in combat.

“It’s important for Yamaha, said Vinales. They will be able to try out many different new products in the race. Sometimes we try something new on the tests [after the Grand Prix], but the problem is that on Monday, on the track good grip and the days get a great. Therefore, to test new products is not easy.

Therefore, Yamaha is important to work with Jorge, not only in Barcelona. If he gets more wild card, it will be very useful, as it will be able to experience a lot of new products and check whether they are useful in racing”.

As at the moment the MotoGP season should begin on may 3 at Jerez. The stage in Barcelona scheduled for June 7. Follow the season 2020 in MotoGP, you can “Motorsport.TV”