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Vitali Klitschko told in the army “grandfather” tried to force him to carry water

The former world champion in the heavyweight Vitali Klitschko has shared a funny story from his military life. As told the mayor of Kiev edition, immediately after giving him a military uniform, one of the “grandfathers” demanded that he began to carry water. Vitaly refused to do, saying that will only execute orders of superiors.

“The answer is “grandfather” strongly like, but alone to contact me, he did not. Ran for help. Would make a noble fight, but duty on the part of we parted on the sides,” recalls Vitali Klitschko.

As admitted ex-world champion, then he had a tense night. Klitschko has suggested that the “grandparents” want to find out the relationship with the obstinate recruit. However, Vitaly says that this story ended with a happy ending when the soldiers learned that at that time he was already a successful boxer.

“In the morning on the building announced that among the newcomers there is a champion Vitaly Klitschko. After building the “grandfather” he approached, extended his hand and a conciliatory tone muttered: “well, I do not say earlier?” The incident was over, more than I no one to carry water is not forced” – summed up the Klitschko.