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Waiting for the birth of a child and grows coffee – what does “eternal” head of Formula 1

Almost three years ago, the world of Motorsport was shocked – Bernie Ecclestone will no longer lead the Formula 1. U.S. media company Liberty Media, bought 100% of the voting stock of the Formula, decided to run without legendary Manager.

He Bernie found something to do in retirement. As it became known yesterday, along with his wife Fabiana Flosi and they are expecting a baby. The 89-year-old Ecclestone already has three daughters, the eldest – Deborah – has presented him with grandchildren! The woman will be older than his brother or sister for 65 years.

Coffee is a passion of Bernie Ecclestone. It was she who once gave him the idea of a new business and he decided to cultivate coffee.

In 2012, together with his wife Ecclestone bought a plantation in Brazil, which had to pay about € 9 million. Here Bernie to Fabiana grown grains, which are then milled to create the best Cup of coffee.

In their production they use a special Italian technique, but the finished product is available only in Brazil. Although some amount of it is on sale at the Grand Prix of Formula 1.

Farm Ecclestone located in the municipality of Amparo, which is about 150 km from são Paulo city. Usually the couple gets there by helicopter from the airport in 25 minutes.

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The farm employs 30 people who serve 600 cows, 18 horses, 6 ponies, 8 dogs and dozens of chickens and swans. In addition to ponds farm grown Japanese carp. For workers here built 22 houses in which they can live in an area the size of a football field.

But to get from the farm to the plantation need to travel by Golf cart.

Before the land became the property of Ecclestone, it was abandoned, so the couple had to hire experts and specialists to restore her plantation.

Now Celebrity Coffee, namely the so-called drink of the ex-boss of Formula 1, as already mentioned, sold only in Brazil, but the owners have aimed to enter the world market. Bernie and Fabiana want their coffee sold in restaurants, hotels and other outlets.

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“We want our coffee was in the best hotels and restaurants in the world. For us the important thing is quality, not quantity. Our concern at all stages of the laborious production pays off. Coffee twice in three years won the title of quality in Amparo. We are very proud of them,” said Flosi.

Coffee Ecclestone is grown in the perfect climate for him. The location of his farm, dry winters and mild temperatures. The harvest takes place when grain reaches the ideal state of maturity, after which they are dried on an inclined plane.

Roger Benoit/Blick

The plantation owners are assured that their coffee technology and sensitivity are combined to obtain a quality product aimed at the most sophisticated tastes.

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