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What if Kvyat? Who will replace Vettel at Ferrari

No sooner had the “Scuderia” to announce the impending departure of Sebastian Vettel, as the world’s “Formula 1” was filled with rumors of who will replace the German in the team? The number of candidates Russian Daniel Quat.


In the world Cup have not had a situation when the transfer market so stirred up in the spring. Even without adjustments for the fact that the season 2020 is postponed until mid-July and actually started so early in top-stables is not released for a long time! Of course, everyone is wondering where will Vettel – the biggest fish on the free agent market in recent years. But a lot more the majority of fans care about is another question – who will replace SEB in a Ferrari?

And candidates, frankly, is complete.

Insiders European media immediately flooded the media space with guesses. The nominations are to be different – from Antonio Giovinazzi to Fernando Alonso! But let’s try to think clearly.

Valtteri Bottas? His contract with Mercedes ends this year and the position of the Finn (or rather the results) are not convinced that Brackley may decide to extend it. On the one hand, Valtteri is a great candidate for Ferrari. The pilot with the experience of playing in a top team, with victories and podiums behind. It is really fast, and thus can play the role of second fiddle. Namely, such a character, in fact, need a “Scuderia”, which obviously relies on LeClair. But if Bottas and subscribe in Maranello, all will soon become clear – he’ll be here only Sancho Panza, without a chance to become a Don Quixote. And Valtteri has already shown, how to reduce its results, when the guy lacks motivation. Moreover, the price tag on Bottas agents Finn will roll out respectable, and pay him makes no sense. In principle, in the “Formula-1” there are enough guys that is able to perform the same functions as Valtteri, but for less money.

Giovinazzi? Only thing about Tony is that he’s Italian. And the Italians weren’t driving for the “Scuderia” since Giancarlo fisicella, replacing Felipe Massa in a couple of races in 2009. Antonio is not fast enough to claim a place in the top-stables. For two seasons in “Zauber” and “Alfa Romeo” he has shown absolutely nothing that would believe in his perspective. And unlikely Ferrari will sign his protege for a partner LeClair exclusively from the friendly and warm feelings to the guy.

Alonso? Of course, his return is theoretically possible. But remembering how Fernando left Ferrari in 2013, this development will be an outright Comedy. Not to mention the fact that playing second fiddle to the Spaniard just will not agree, why, then, to play off of it with the details we need. And not the fact that after a pause of two years, 39-year-old racer will be able to fight at the highest level – with all due respect to Alonso, and of the certainty of his talent. His time has passed.

Similar arguments are suitable to most of the other candidates. Among them flashed and Sergio Perez – fast but sometimes crazy guy already ruined his chance to prove himself in a top team – in the McLaren. And Daniel Riccardo – its been a while since matchmaker in a Ferrari, but with all due respect to the Aussie, he managed to polistate only in the “Red bull”, in this case – long. But in “Reno” yet does not show. And even Lewis Hamilton requests the British are excessively large salary (according to rumors, he asked Ferrari as much as 90 million euros per year!), not to mention the fact that Lewis certainly would not agree to serve Monegasque, so his arrival in the “Scuderia” would have serious conflict pilots. And this, as history shows, the team promises.

Daniil Kvyat


That’s no joke. Forget for a moment that Kvyat , a Russian, and we, understandably, worried about his fate more than the future of other pilots. Rate the chances of Daniel objectively. The situation here is as follows.

He is certainly a talented driver, whose “Red bull” raised and then do the same and “drowned”. And then – allowed to revive his career. Back in “the Formula-1” Daniel proved that only became stronger, more stable and more Mature. His podium in race Germany last year are clear proof of that – so maturely, deliberately, unerringly, he held the check in (skolivski most of the leaders of the top stables). While Kvyat grew up in Italy, he is practically your. And for a year he worked in the Ferrari, leaving the best memories in the team! Yes, Daniel was just a pilot in development, but it’s not so little considering how spoke positively about the chiefs “Scuderia”. The fact that after that, residents again called “Red bull” (or more precisely – in the Toro Rosso, the current “alpha Tauri”), only confirms the fact that the year in Maranello, the Russians spent productively. It is easier than the rest, will re-join the “stable”, to find a common language with the engineers, to get along with the machine. While Kvyat is still young (he’s 26 years old), he did not disclose its full potential and can seriously add when you feel the support back. The end of the season 2019, he spent not brilliant, but it again has to do with the fact that he “dumped” in the “Red bull”, not taking place in the main team instead went Out (and calling the debut of Mirel Albon). Daniel himself admitted that did not understand this decision and considers it unfair. It is difficult to demonstrate when a guy openly move into the background for psychological stability and great results Kvyat need to know that believe in him and are willing to help. And in this situation, it will be revealed, as revealed in “Red bull” in 2015, beating on points Riccardo. And Ferrari is able to create for the Russians the right atmosphere. Even allowing for the role of number two – it is much easier to accept when applying for victories and podiums than when fighting for rare glasses.

Maybe this does not say insiders. At least not so loud. But you can be sure – in the “Scuderia” on Kvyat just think. And maybe even negotiate. Moreover, the residents contract with the “Red bull” will expire this year.

Carlos Sainz


However, if so, under messages of the Italian press in the “Scuderia” has almost decided on a replacement for Vettel. And this is, unfortunately, not Daniel. And Carlos Sainz – is still a pilot “McLaren”.

Corriere della Sera reported that Ferrari has offered the Spaniard a contract for ten million euros. Later Italian version Motorsport wrote: an agreement has almost been reached, with only a few formalities and an official confirmation will follow in the next 48 hours. Perhaps the insiders are wrong, but so far everything seems to be true.

Carlos is the son of former world rally champion Carlos Sainz Sr. and one of the most talented young riders in the “Formula-1”. He royally lost season in GP3 Daniil Kvyat in 2013. And later did not compete with max Verstappen in the Toro Rosso. He stuffed a lot of cones, but have long proved that quickly learns from mistakes and can always improve. The Spaniard is the most accurate pilot in the peloton, at the same time – really quick and very stable. He and his agents were able to find options how with the least losses go out of the system “Red bull” first in Renault and later McLaren. Last season, Sainz Jr was the best after all six drivers three top stables. Even against the incredible talent Lando Norris he was able to show their maturity, their skills and ambitions. Besides, with the Spaniard the support of sponsors from the Pyrenees, has worked with Ferrari during Alonso. Anyway, while on set of factors better qualified to replace Cebu no.

Perhaps in the next two days we really will hear that the science goes in the “Scuderia”. But the devil is in the nuances… something will fail, suddenly the Italian media was wrong, and all of us waiting for an unexpected turn? Please be patient.

source: “Soviet sport”