Formula 1

When the quarantine is good. As the suspension of the season will help to catch up with Mercedes?

Cancellation and postponement of the first stages of the season can be in the hands of opponents of the Champions. If they certainly spend time on vacation.

Pandemic COVID-19 made adjustments to the schedule almost all sporting events this year, and the “Formula-1” is no exception. The Royal series has cancelled the first 10 stages of the season. According to the adviser Red bull Helmut Marko, riders will be able to go to the track just for the “Grand Prix of Austria” at the beginning of July. Despite the circumstances, the cancellation of almost half of the season can be found and benefits: teams will be able to get to work on their cars to compete with Mercedes.

After all, the Germans already have a unique technology with which the team finished seventh in a row to take home both trophies.


“Formula 1” is a competition of high achievement, where the difference can make a few pounds overweight or a few degrees of tilt of the inlet. “Mercedes” for several years flying ahead of the planet in terms of modern developments and various technical innovations. Here and this year the Germans once again became the main newsmakers not even started the season. Before a pandemic during a test drive in Barcelona machine current winners of the Cup of designers has always shown itself as good, if not one “but”… Many have noticed that the wheels silver cars under the control of Hamilton and Bottas a little strange turn, often tilted, though active suspension with a complex hydraulic changes in the Royal races have long been banned. After investigation it turned out that in a German car used a certain technology under a fabulous name DAS. What lies behind these three letters?


The system is called Dual-Axis Steering or, if in Russian, “two driving”. In the “Formula-1” has been used a new technology in which wheels are installed under a positive angle to the axis of the machine, and then another, and a little lean inward. This is done to ensure that the front wheel when cornering was already looking in the right direction and was not required to make the extra effort the wheel. On the other hand, it makes it difficult to accelerate on the straights, since this position increases drag which must be overcome. That is the problem and aims to solve the German development. Mercedes offers its pilots to adjust the configuration of the wheels by stretching themselves or indentation inside the helm. At the exit of the turns, pulling the wheel to themselves, while spreading out the wheels to a steady state, and a German silver “bullet” flies along like four wings – at the expense of reduced resistance to oncoming air. This also reduces the temperature of the tire, so it wears less. When the video ends, the Germans are reverse – pushing the steering wheel from itself, returning the car to acceptable for rotations, thus by simply switching between modes.


It is natural that these innovations are of interest to the competitors who turned to the regulation of “Formula” that to find out whether legal DAS? There in black and white written that it is forbidden to use aerodynamic elements and active suspension, hydraulic elements which can change the position of the wheels. However, the rules were not violated. DAS is not exactly active aerodynamics, because of all of the vehicle its position changing only the wheels and no body kit and system for air intake. On the other hand, in the “Queen of racing” is forbidden to use the intervention of active systems in any part of the suspension. But the chief engineer of the team, Andrew Shovlin’ve found a gray area, because two driving is actuated mechanically by movement of the steering wheel.

The representatives of the International automobile Federation (FIA) has recognized the system is absolutely legal. Here silver helped the team more, and coronavirus, as adopted last year, new regulations, where there will be clarification about the movement of the wheel on one axis (which will automatically put DAS and other similar systems outside the law) will come into force only in season 2022. This is the least problematic – in the current environment of the team and so suffer huge financial losses (race not held), and the development of new cars in accordance with regulations seriously changed – this is a very heavy economic burden. So the “revolution” was postponed for another season. That is, DAS will help Mercedes not only in 2020 but in the future. However, a prolonged pause will go into the hands of the opponents of the Champions. AT least they have got two months to copy the DAS to implement it on your own machine.

As they say, it feels like the pros.

source: “Soviet sport”