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Who in kings of the Queen? Waiting for a new partner Verstappen in “Red bull”

This season remains the two races, but the results of the tournament are known. Lewis Hamilton won the title, and Mercedes in the constructors ‘ championship. It’s time to think about who will be in teams next year?

“Soviet sport” – about the upcoming changes in membership.


Command not waiting for change.

Where we just did not expect no change, so it is in Ferrari. Yes, there was a chance that Charles LeClair will be not as good as I thought. And that will not stand the pressure of playing for the top”stable” is already on its second season in the championship. However, the young Monegasque did not disappoint. From the early stages gave to understand that he can fight Vettel. Summer gave a series of four pole positions in a row, plus brought the team two victories (Sebastian – “only” one). So the last doubts have disappeared but ready to fight at this level!

While there were rumors that he may retire himself SEB. Supposedly dissatisfied with his role in the team. The German contract runs until the end of the season 2020, but it would be the desire to break it, but the possibility is there! Chef “Scuderia” Mattia Binotto repeatedly said that the rumors are groundless. However, made a reservation: “of course, If Vettel does not want to return to the “Red bull”. That is, theoretically, such a possibility existed. But lately all is quiet. Integrity bosses “Bulls”, as well as the integrity of SEB (and he does not want to share the status of “Prima” with Verstappen, even when LeClair cannot push into the background!) matter. Surprises are of course possible, but, apparently, in the Red bull Vettel will not return. So part of the “Ferrari” will remain the same – contracts both pilots operate for another year.

The situation is similar in the McLaren. The team from Woking slowly recovering from the crisis, which was due to tandem with “Honda”. Lando Norris shows good speed, it felt great potential. And Carlos Sainz surprisingly was a good replacement for Alonso. The Spaniard is considerably more stable partner, which brings more points, shows his maturity, in this case – is still young. No surprise that McLaren have retained their squad.

In a little less degree this applies to “racing point”. It is clear that one vacancy in the team is reserved for lance Strolla. And – in the years ahead. But otherwise, if “stable” is owned by the father of a canadian pilot, billionaire Lawrence Stroll? The intrigue was whether Perez partner lance? But Sergio is quite satisfied with the leadership team. He’s fast enough, it helps to the partner. And still enjoys the support of Carlos slim (one of the richest men in the world). In the end, Perez extended the contract. Yes, once – for three years.


Team, where changes are expected, but without them.

Where changes were brewing, so it’s in the “Haas” and “Alfa Romeo”. The American team that year, working with the Grosjean and Magnussen, but also Roman, and Kevin doesn’t particularly Shine on the slopes. What makes Gunther Steiner to renew the contract with both a mystery. Okay, Dane – he’s at least in the beginning of the season, scored some points and in General acts confidently. But the Frenchman often gets into an accident and absurd situations than in the top 10! Looks like sharp decisions – not about the boss of the team. To the surprise of many, he did not draw conclusions from failures. Did not change the pilots. Look on the side. And decided that the best is the enemy of good. And left two not the strongest, but experienced riders. However, it later signed a contract with Kubica – for the post of a test pilot… you finally all lost faith in its adequacy.

However, who are we to judge the decisions of the Steiner?

Alfa Romeo originally had a contract with Kimi Raikkonen. Which, moreover, owns part of the shares of the team. Yes, Finn – for 40 years. But he intends to skate another season and then go into retirement. Only the candidacy of Giovinazzi was in jeopardy! After all, Italian is not even close to meeting expectations, in all respects inferior to the former champion. However, Tony is also extended. And there’s even logic. At the youth Academy of Ferrari, there are two promising pilot is the son of Michael Schumacher, Mick and Russian Robert Shwartzman (winner “Formula-3” in the current season). But both are not ready yet to debut in the Grand Prix. They need to break in “Formula 2”, which will take another year. In 2021-m either Mick or Robert (let’s hope that Robert, besides, he really stronger!), likely to be in the “alpha”. Meantime, to change Giovinazzi simply there is nobody. So left it.

“Mercedes” is – a separate issue. Toto Wolff said that Lewis’s partner can become the Windows. The Frenchman – a long-standing protégé team and the personal protégé of the Toto (he is the Manager of the pilot). But Hamilton, rumored to be demanded to keep Bottas. Because him with Valtteri comfortable (read between the lines – Valtteri just not ready to fight Lewis on equal terms. And don’t really want to). In the end, Finn and extended. As usual – for a year.

It did not become a sensation.


Command, where changes in the compositions were. Or will be.

In the end, only four teams have decided on a change in the composition. And two of them will put aside.

In “Williams” in the summer announced the forthcoming parting with Kubica. A beautiful story about the return of the Polish pilot 9 years after a terrible accident in which he nearly lost his arm, predictably ended not so nicely. Robert lost to George Russell, plus appeared extremely unhappy and machine speed, and the attitude in “the stables”. Sponsors Kubica (as earlier sponsors Sergey Sirotkin) found no great desire to pay his part in the championship in the composition of the weakest teams. So the pole will be in the “Haas” – for the post of test pilot. And who will replace him in “the Williams” – until the matter. Most likely – canadian protégé “stable” Nicolas Latifi. Although the variant with Hulkenberg.

Meanwhile, Nico close to go down in history as the pilot who spent the maximum number of races while never got on the podium. The German made his debut in 2010, with those about drove 175 Grand Prix, but the money never came through. And in the summer realized that remains without a seat at Renault – the French team used the opportunity to call French rider, who took in a Mercedes. It is, of course, about Okone. Exactly Esteban, one of the leaders of his generation – now will partner ricciardo.

But the main intrigue – who will go to “Red bull”? The two teams the Bulls is limited to a choice of four riders. It is clear that Verstappen will remain in the home. The question is – who will be his running mate? Castling during the season and spurred Alex Mirel Albon, and Pierre went Out. But the favourite remains the Thai – he really looks cool in a top stable, regularly stopping in the top 6 in their debut season. The bosses “Red bull” does not exclude the possibility of the increase quata. Let the Russians and ruined the last two racing accidents in the last laps (and penalties from the judges), he still looks powerful! From the “Bulls” to take certain, their they have no reserves (pilots their youth program to the “Formula 1” is not ready). So partner, max will be one specified of the Trinity. The remaining two will go to Toro Rosso. The decision, apparently, will be after the end of the season. However, we wait for long.

source: “Soviet sport”