Who will go with Datsun on the festival at the street athletics in Yaroslavl?

On 6 and 7 July, with the support of Datsun in Yaroslavl will pass the all-Russian sports festival.


The history of such large-scale projects began two years ago. Then the company held a competition workout in 10 cities of Russia. It was called “Datsun picnic”. The idea was simple: to attract ordinary people to the sport, to convince them to change their lives for the better.

In the contest #Bariwise #Todominate was attended by 74 athletes from different regions of the country. Defeated Timothy Erokhin from Sosnovy Bor (Leningrad oblast). Company Datsun in this town built a modern workout area available for all who wish to do outdoor sports.

The event so impressed the organizers, participants and fans that it was decided to further develop the theme of the workout. In 2018 in the competition of Datsun in the street athletics “Capital power” took part 2230 people, United in 140 teams from 53 cities. They did 40546 pull-UPS on the bar, 18460 squats, 46442 pushups… the contest Lasted 92 days!

In the end in the dispute of the cities conquered Yaroslavl, and its leader Alexei Tretiakov (team SweaglesPro) received the gift of a smartphone. In second place was the Kirov. Sergei Shabalin (team Workout43) got the action camera. Finished third in Saint Petersburg. Victor Fedorov (the “Justice League”). He now listens to music via the excellent acoustic column.

To participate in the new competition “Capital power”-2019 is very simple:

• Make a video about their abilities in outdoor sports;

• At the beginning of the video state your name, city and announce your desire to take part in competitions in street athletics from Datsun in the capital of the Yaroslavl power;

• Share their own chip in a workout-skills;

• Posted in Facebook or Instagram video with the hashtag #bariwise and #Yaroslavlskaya

• Add a video link in a special discussion thread of the contest in the VC

The three leaders of the competition “Capital of Power” will receive a prize – a fascinating journey to Yaroslavl.


As soon as the company announced a contest, send comments. So Valery Kravchenko from Arkhangelsk thanked the organizers of this project for the opportunity to show their skills. “Arkhangelsk entered the top 5 of the capitals of the strength workout. Well, the time has come to defend the honor of their city and take part in competitions in street athletics” – he wrote on the page of the contest Facebook.

To get to number of prize-winners and to go to Yaroslavl and wants 24-year-old Muscovite Natalya Maleeva. She has an impressive list of achievements: winner of International tournament “Power of the Brotherhood”, Minsk (2018); the champion of Russia on streetlighting; master of sports of international class in the category of Classic pushup; the Vice-world champion’s workout in the nomination “STRENGTH”, Riga (2018); the European champion streetlighting, Saint Petersburg, Russia (2018); 6 th place at the world championship in street workout in the nomination “freestyle”, Moscow (2018)… And it is just beautiful! Don’t believe? Go to the page of the contest

But the Daniel of Khamatov regrets that he was not 18 years old – is one of the conditions of the contest.

As a reminder, the contest video will be accepted for participation until may 31.

Fond of outdoor athletics? Show me what you got!

All information about the contest is available here

source: “Soviet sport”