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Wladimir Klitschko appealed to Ukrainians: “don’t want Ukraine suffered in the same way as the U.S.”

Former world champion in superheavy weight Vladimir Klitschko decided to turn to their compatriots in Ukraine, to encourage everyone to stay home and not put themselves and others at risk during a pandemic coronavirus.

“In the current crisis and challenges through which the whole world, is the main and simple principle – if you’re there, so you’re protected. Fly to the surge of the pandemic, today, are outside of Ukraine, and unfortunately, I have to stay here, but my thoughts are with you at home,” said Klitschko.

“Today is a difficult situation worldwide and especially in the United States. The virus spreads and rages with great progression, strict measures, many sick and many deaths, their number is growing every day. Here, with so many patients do not have enough elementary: masks, means of protection and hospital beds.

In new York, for example, in Central Park today deployed a field hospital. I don’t want Ukraine suffered on this scale, and the first thing we all need to observe is the basic safety precautions and limitations.

Take care of yourself, stay home and believe me, none of the matches are not to be thrown on the scales of life. Be healthy!”

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“Don’t want Ukraine suffered in the same way as the United States.” Wladimir @klitschko appealed to Ukrainians🙏🏻 . The legend of Boxing urged his compatriots to stay at home 👏 #Ukrainskie #Klitschko #coronavirus #will Lucianne #ukrainianboxing #coronavirus #luckypunchnet

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According to CNN, only on Monday in the US was recorded the death of 502 people who died from COVID-19. This is the largest figure in the country for the day since the epidemic began. The total number of deaths in the United States, according to CNN, has increased to 931 2.