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Yana kunitskaya told about the pandemic coronavirus in Brazil

Female fighter of the easiest UFC division Yana kunitskaya, who currently lives with her boyfriend Thiago Santos in Brazil, told fans about how Brazilians relate to the quarantine and pandemic coronavirus.

“In Brazil, the quarantine, as well as worldwide. To date, 3500 infected,” wrote Kunitsky in Instagram. – “There is no panic, all public places are closed. Operate filling stations, grocery, and pharmacies. On the street few people, mostly somehow older (probably not afraid to die). The people began to rebel, no money to sit without work, and forced the President. And Monday it was decided to resume, despite the fact that the virus is spreading exponentially. Apparently we are waiting for the mad leap of the epidemic next week. Our life hasn’t changed much, also I train 2 times a day, as your gym right at home. We are absolutely isolated and peaceful. All plans, of course, changed because of the virus, but we are not panicking. How is the situation? Any thoughts on the future?”

Recall that RF acts in the UFC in 2018. In his debut match, the Russian woman immediately stepped into the octagon against Chris Cyborg, which took a little more than a minute of the first round, to finish off your opponent. At the moment the RF in the UFC record is 2 wins and 2 losses.