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Zab Judah: “People still remember my defeat Kostya Tszyu”

In 2001, the battle for the title of absolute world champion Zab Judah suffered the first defeat in his career, losing early Kostya Tszyu in the second round. This battle became famous, not only in the post-Soviet space, but also in the USA. In part this has contributed to the American that after Jay Nady stopped the fight, began to protest and were throwing punches in a fight with the referee. In a recent interview, Jude talked about the emotions he felt during that battle.

“You have to understand that at the time was going on in my head. I was undefeated champion of the world. It was a great fight, the ultimate fight night in Las Vegas. I was everywhere on all the posters adorned my name. I trained hard for this fight. In the end, it was only two rounds. At first I dominated the opponent, he couldn’t even touch me, and the second caught me. I fell and thought I was okay. I told the referee I was OK. People ask me what happened in the fight with Tszyu, and I answer: “My mind was telling me: “get Up!”, and my body said, “Well, wait a minute.”

“My legs and my body were not working together. People did not understand and this situation has caused a huge stream of jokes over feet of Zab Judah. It was in 2000 and it is now 2020. Twenty years have passed, and all still remember this fight. This means that my career has lasted so long and you still remember my first kill.”

“The reasons that I raged, was this: I had an extensive Amateur career of 115 wins and five defeats, held a qualifying competition for the Olympic team, became the champion of the world. I even how to kiss-nobody could. Proud Brooklyn and the referee just said, “Zab, it’s over!” I lost, but my mind behaved Brownsville: “Over? Yes, thank you. Who said I lost? Now the blame for the defeat is yours!”