Zhdanov: At Nightingale signed a contract with the Ministry, not the Federation

The Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov, who previously expressed support for the Anne Nightingale in conflict with the President of the Cycling Federation of Ukraine, said that only the Ministry is authorized to terminate the contract with the athlete but there is no reason.

“About the threats of the head of the Cycling Federation to exclude the champion of the II European games Anna Nightingale from the national team of Ukraine.

The national team of Ukraine is formed according to the presentation of the relevant Federation, but the order of the Ministry. Athlete Anna Nightingale signed a contract with the Ministry of youth and sports and break it can only be the Executive authority.

According to the sporting principle, there is no reason to break the contract with the successful cyclist, which has all chances to compete for medals for Ukraine at the summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

In addition, the Ministry has been provided by generous state support for the preparation of Anna Nightingale for international competitions. In 2017-2019 p. Mineralogyfor was financed the cost of participation of athletes in the training camp (TCB) in the amount of 889 thousand UAH 311. Part of the coach of the athletes in the ERD at the expense of the gosbyuzheta funded at 864 846 thousand UAH.

By the Ministry of youth and sports, for needs Anna Nightingale also purchased the necessary components to the bike: track frame “has Pinarello” made in Italy cost 120 thousand UAH. disk back track “Mavik”, made in France 45 thousand UAH.

In General, state support of Cycling (track) for 2016-2019 amounted to more than 43 million UAH.

Emphasize that the Ministry of finances and facilitates the activities of the National team in Cycling, not Cycling Federation. The Ministry has not paid salaries to its management and staff. State funds were not allocated to the Federation, and the development of the sport. In particular, measures such as: holding training camps for athletes and coaches of the national team, purchase of equipment, inventory, forms, equipment, athletes and coaches in international competitions, and the like,” wrote Zhdanov in Facebook.

Recall, the Turrets have publicly nasty European Games champion Anna Solovey. The Minister of sport Ihor Zhdanov expressed support for the Nightingale in conflict with the President of the Cycling Federation.